About Mika

Welcome to Mika Athletics!
We are excited that you found us and want to know more! I am Ikrame the founder and owner of Mika Athletics based in Montreal, Canada !
I’m a fitness and health coach and I felt like something was missing when it comes to fitness gym wear.
First, I wanted to look GOOD and be COMFORTABLE at the same time when I train. I find that dressing up for the gym somehow motivates you to get it done but I couldn’t find a cute and comfy fit.
Also, not all women want to wear crop tops or tight leggings to train and this should completely be OKAY. But this is almost the ONLY type of clothes we find on the market which is not for everybody.
So YES I thought we really needed comfortable gym wear to hug the curves of us women that work so hard for. BUT I wanted to incorporate all types of gym wears for everybody to feel GOOD. And don’t you find that a lot of company don’t do sportswear for both WOMAN and MEN!??? 
In 2020, I started my line of fitness apparel and activewear accessories. Mika (means beautiful in Japanese) is a unisex brand that I created to make people feel good and look good no matter their size, their weights or their age. 
MIKA ATHLETICS is more than just a fitness brand clothing collections. It was important for me to create a line that people can wear out of the gym and become a larger part of people’s everyday wardrobes. Who don’t love being in sportswear and comfortable all day long?
“Dare to be YOU, Dare to be UNIQUE. Be your own type of BEAUTIFUL.” Clothes and accessories for everybody AND every size.

Mika Athletics

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