About Me

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Welcome! My name is Ikrame, a private workout trainer. I created SweatWithIK an international health and fitness brand in the purpose of helping women and  men to help them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The fitness world is saturated with trainer that gives you a plan to achieve your goal with many rules and restrictions that makes you hate training and eating healthy. HOW DO I KNOW THAT? BEEN THERE DONE THAT.  This will only force you to fall back to your old bad habits and always having to restart the process of achieving your fitness goal all over again. You will never stick to it and worst you will be discouraged with all these plans.

Instead of that, I want to be your health coach overtime to make you reach your fitness goal but more importantly make you stick to it. HOW? With me you will adopt HEALTHY AND FUN HABITS tailored to suit your lifestyle so you can enjoy it. My plans will not include to ban everything you love for you to reach your goal and feel better again. Health is an ongoing, life-long commitment.

This is how I really felt in love with the fitness world and adopted a new healthy lifestyle. Fit is a way of life ,its not a destination.

My plan will encourage you to ‘’Work it out to work it off’’.   Balance is the key for a healthy lifestyle. In my programs, you will also see the importance of the human mind when it comes to fitness. You can achieve whatever you want to if you want to. You just gotta put your mind into it.

My personalized meal plan, workouts plans, booty building workout plan ebook and plenty of tips and tricks on healthy living that I will be giving will truly help you to adopt a fit lifestyle and make you believe that HEALTHY IS NOT BORING. You will fall in love with the process of getting fit. I will be here for you every step of the way for you total success.

I know you are ready to change your lifestyle and become healthy.

If I can, you can. Let’s do this !!! NO EXCUSES!

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