My program is done on a month to month basis and you will never be automatically billed! Some clients reach their goals within the first month and decide to continue on their own with the plan I give them while others decide to move onto a second and third months for more dramatic results.

OF COURSE ! I do my best to incorporate food that tastes great so you never feel like you’re on a diet! You will be allowed to have days with a cheat meal. The number of days depends on your goals and progress!

Please allow up to 3-5 working days after you send me your questionnaire, to have your plan emailed back to you! My plans are all customized to YOU ONLY so please be patient! Yes, you can sign up today to secure your spot for a later date and I will have it ready for you .

No! You wont be counting calories as I believe it creates an unhealthy obsession with food in the long run. But I will give you portion sizes for macros so you learn what a portion should look like. The goal is always for you to be able to just eye it out in the long run and know how much you should be eating!

All my programs are custom to you. I can create your training program to be from home with no equipment required and you don’t need a gym if you don’t have access to one.

I think you should start now with ONLINE TRAININGS! Part of the entire ONLINE  process with me is teaching you how to do this and maintain this lifestyle around things like work and travel. You can still manage while you do both. I can even give you a program you can do without a gym or equipment that you can do in a hotel room. As far as travel and restaurants I will just teach you how to order when eating out. You can even send me pictures of menus so I can help.

I do this by analyzing the questionnaire that you submit to me. Based on your current body’s state, level of activity, age, height, and goals I break down your meals into specific portions to help you reach your goal. Don’t worry you will NEVER starve !

Supplements are not mandatory. You can 100% do this supplement free. The supplements may enhance your performance and recovery – but they aren’t magic pills, you have to put in the work. Always consult with your doctor first!

Yes! For CUSTOM PROGRAM you will have images library and description for each move. For ONLINE TRAINING, you will have videos and descriptions for each exercise

Since all my plans are custom to you, I make the program based on your schedule. We can make your meal for on the go and we can make your workouts at home if you have no time to get to the gym.

No, unfortunately ! Once I have started working on your plan, you can’t be reimbursed.

In laval (CANADA) , will give the exact address once payment is received.

Yes of course ! I give semi-private trainings and its cheaper than the private training.

It depends on your schedule and on my other clients schedule. It’s always first come, first serve. That’s why I figure out all we need before letting you make the payment for in-person training.

Yes of course! If you want to pay per session it’s possible and you can use your per session cart whenever you want. 

Moments after your purchase you will receive an email containing your workout program which comes in PDF format. 

 If you type the wrong email please email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes each ebooks will give you a links to the direct exercise via YOUTUBE.

We ship to all countries. For international order (outside Canada), shipping Duties and taxes assessed by customs are the responsibility of the customer.

YES please check our return policy

Please contact our team at if you would like to arrange a return for any reason.

No unfortunately! If your order has been mailed, we can’t change it. If you notice right after placing your order and it has not been shipped yet, it will be possible to change it by contacting us. Otherwise, your item will be delivered to the address you enter and you will be responsible for retrieving the order.
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After you submit it, you will receive a confirmation message stating that your order has been accepted. Please be sure to check your personal Spam folder or junk to find the email. If you misspelled the email, please email us to send you your tracking number. Please email us at :

Unfortunately we will not be able to make any amendments to your order after your order has been made and shipped. Please double check the items when completing your order. If your package has already been shipped you will have to wait until you receive it and return it. We also will not be able to cover the cost of return shipping so please make sure you are aware and sure of what you are ordering.

Please call your bank if your order keeps declining. It may be caused by your bank not recognizing the influencer’s domain to prevent Fraud.

Reasons for order cancellation could be :

The item(s) sold out.There is a delay in replenishment for your item(s).We are unable to verify your billing information and/or your billing address does not match the credit card on file for the order.If the billing address stated on the order does not match with what the credit card issuer or bank has on file, please contact your credit card issuer or bank to verify that the billing information is correct. Once updated, you may create a new order using the correct billing address.

Note: If your order is cancelled for any of the reasons above, you will receive an email confirming your order’s cancellation. The full amount of the order will be refunded back to the original form of payment used. Refunds can take up to 2-5 business days to clear and 7-10 business days for the amount to post to your account, depending on your financial institution.

Unfortunately once an order has been placed and shipped, it cannot be cancelled. We can however try our best to accommodate any changes/errors in order placement before shipping out. Please email us. Please email us at :

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Majorly sleek leggings are made up of spandex, as that is the most comfortable, flexible and suited fabric for workout leggings for women. The main features a fabric must have for leggings are sweat-wicking, stretchability, comfort and flexibility. Spandex did the best work checking all the boxes, so now you know which fabric has the best of your favorite quality leggings with pockets.

A personal trainer is like a live customized guide for your fitness routine. With all the records of your health and the best suited plan. The trainers go through every detail of your physical health, needs and prepare the best schedule for it. Personal training studio is the best for you to achieve your particular goal, and also benefits you with any medical condition you have. 

Your shape is your body condition, and changes with time and habits, food, and lifecycle. Every trainer has worked with a client with a difficult situation, with different medical conditions, and customized the plan according to the needs to achieve better health and fitness. We understand your different conditions and lifestyles, and work according to them with daily nutrition guidelines, that’s how private fitness training works.

Ikrame, your personal trainer assigns you the workout plan according to your physical requirements. Everyone is assigned with their own custom plans that work for their body, from beginner workout plan to full body workout plan anything that works for you, is decided as per your physical, medical conditions, schedule and workout history. Ikrame is a certified private workout trainer that works for your body with you. 

Online private fitness training works better than offline workout plan without a trainer. Personal training is always a better option as your private workout trainer has all your physical data, and plans the workout that suits you the most. It’s safer as a well trained expert guides you through with all the safety and maximum effective plans as per your capabilities.

Personal trainers keep your physical record from your schedule, eating habits, sleep routines, medical conditions and bring out a workout plan to suit all these while benefiting your body weight. Personal Fitness coach for women is a need more than an option, with complex body anatomy, women need more attention and care. Personal training has more than weight loss workout plan it emphasizes on your physical health than just focusing on weight loss.